We started leading India cultural tours and adventure trips in 1998. Here are “reviews” from people who have traveled with us, many on two, three, four and even six India trips. They have inspired, and are still inspiring us to explore other regions of India so they can return for other eye-opening, mind-expanding Trips into India.

We thank our travelers for sharing their photos with us. All the photos on our website are theirs.

"Thank you for introducing us to the magic, the chaos and the spirit of India. I don’t think any of us will ever shake it."

Eric Steiner

“I cannot tell you the pleasure I get from a trip to India with you. I feel enriched when I get home. Not only did you make me share the culture of the country you love so much but you also opened a window to look inside its soul. Whenever you are ready to introduce us to a new experience in India I am ready.”

Huguette Combs

“Many thanks for an exciting, fun, educational, fascinating sojourn through Northern India. I will never forget it. If I can ever be of any help to you, including references, merely let me know and I will comply without hesitation or reservation. The trip was beyond my hopes and expectations.”

Paul Newman

Orchha Watercolor by Lucy Hart

"We can’t imagine a more varied, fascinating and pleasant trip into India than you have planned for us, nor can we imagine more accommodating and generous guides!! Having done our share of traveling over many years, this trip has been an absolute highlight in every way. May you enjoy a well-earned rest after putting so much effort into the planning and execution of this adventure."

Diane and Mike Cornwell

"Your knowledge, enthusiasm & good cheer, as well as your marvelous planning & sense of timing has made this a memorable trip into India. We look forward to seeing you again so that we may be exposed to another chapter in the timeless book of India."

Diane & Bruce Friend

"With deep appreciation for your many gifts of insight, wisdom, excitement, clarity, tolerance; and your fantastic ability to help us love India too. A divinely surreal experience."

Marcia Brockbank

"Another fantastic journey of sights, sounds & smells through traveling across India. You did it again. A marvelous time. Thank you. Good memories!" 

Norm Brockbank

"My trip with you replays itself in my mind quite often and makes me more eager every day to go back to India. I have been on quite a few tours and trips, many purported to be educational about history and culture of an area. None of them came close to yours. In the end, the leaders of the tour are the key to the experience."

Barbara McDonald

“We had a great time with you 2. Martin, your stories were so good & the history you gave us was a real education. Carol, you are the best organizer. Everything went off like clockwork! It was wonderful! Can't get the festival in Varanasi off my mind. It was ethereal, gorgeous, exciting.......! I was dreaming India for 2 weeks after coming back.”

Marian Pardini and Mary Manning

"We wanted to thank you so much for the incredible experience of India that you shared with us. We truly enjoyed and learned from your knowledge and passion and organization. You both have opened up another world for us."

Sydney Stern and Frank Werbinski

"I am so grateful to have been on this trip and have your expert introduction to India. Thank you so much. Your advice and care were much appreciated. Perhaps fortune will allow me to come to India again and maybe, bring my boys with me when they are older and can appreciate it better. Again, thank you."

Dave Lentz

“Most Westerners cannot imagine what an amazing place India is. We tell them that if they or their friends are planning to go, there is only one way. Trips Into India with Martin and Carol. Thanks for everything it could not have been more perfect.”

Carol Morrison and Ross Williams

“Neither Barbara nor I could pin-point one exceptional experience - it was an accumulation of so many. I came away really feeling that I had been amongst the Indian people as opposed to just being a tourist. The fact that you both speak the language easily, and interact with all levels of society easily, gives your guests something very special.”

Ellen Livingston

“I arrived home on schedule with hundreds of wonderful memories (and thousands of pictures!). As I have said previously, your planning for the trip was excellent; the guiding you provided throughout made the experience truly meaningful, and memorable. And no less important: you were fun to travel with! Thank you so much for making all of this possible.”

Ed Knapp

“…one of the nicest and most memorable trips we have ever taken. Your passion for India raised it all to such a high level. It has been fabulous.”

Bill and Nancy Newmeyer

"The trip was spectacular and we really appreciate how much effort you have given to making it so special."

Wendy Varnals and Barbara Cohn

"Just wanted to thank you for a very interesting and superbly organized trip. I enjoyed the trip very much, and found the hiking great. Thank you Carol for being such great hiking companion, I enjoyed your company and our many chats."

Signe Vik

"...a perfect and powerful trip ... I feel very fortunate that I happened upon a trek being led by such knowledgeable, interesting ...and WELL ORGANIZED people - thanks again..."

Jim Tepperman

"I can lay on my back, close my eyes and pretend that Gopal is outside the tent saying good morning. That trip was everything a great trip should be - mentally intriguing, physically challenging, and just a wonderful time. All nine of us would love to go again. I hope we are lucky enough to go on another trip with you."

Jim Ivers

“Both Phil and I wanted to thank you for a magnificent tour. Everyday I think about Varanasi and the women in the water, praying, with leaf boats floating past. ...a magnificent tour... mysterious places... a splendid job. The way you put the trip together led us into something beyond what we could have expected. You are both so generous in giving everything you have. Martin, your talks were exactly what I always wanted to know. They are rich well beyond what could be expected from anyone else. And Carol, when you look after us and share your insights and thoughts, it feels like you are giving us India itself.”

Carol Field

“Mentally, we find ourselves back in India frequently; it was the trip of a lifetime.”

Phil Long


“We thank you for the giant squirrels, pungent smells, vivid colors, assorted anecdotes and for creating a few more gaps in our ignorance of the culture of South India. From your South India Irregulars with gratitude and affection all the way down.”

Bonnie and Peter, Barbara, Margrit, Huguette, Eric, Bob & Ellen (we’ll follow you anywhere), Carol (Love & Hugs), Jane (Fantastic trip! Varnakam! Namaste!), Norm and Marcia (with everlasting gratitude and until Next Time!)

"The trip was fabulous. It went beyond expectations and we thank you for the immersion! I have been to India many times and this was a new perspective. The Tibetan villages exquisite...just hanging there...the people were great...managed to take in a festival at the farm house village...have already recommended it to friends...enjoyed traveling with M&C...great discussions that opened the mind...”

Ellen and Bob Ansel

“We cannot express enough our gratitude and appreciation for your excellent and superlative hosting of us all. Beautiful care was given to each of us. I’ve so enjoyed your stories, insights and knowledge about anything and everything – Indian and otherwise. Thank you for an unforgettable month of experiences.”

Meredith Martin and Paula Burns

“Thank you so much for the gentle way you ushered us around India and helped me to see it as, perhaps, you do. I was totally charmed, sad to leave and find myself thinking often of our sunny, carefree days getting to know India. I hope to travel with you again.”

Gail Stark

Varanasi Palace, watercolor by Phil Long

“These are terrific people and great fun to be with. They only do this trip once a year. Sign on now!! Pace is great and they are extremely adaptable and flexible and smart! But we had the BEST time. I mean, where else can your average American tourist go and have a guide whose smile could light up all of India, who also has a husband who mentions Leibniz”

Sandy and George Stadtler

“We are a bit speechless, the trip has been extraordinary and we thank you for your good planning and care you took in organizing this truly memorable trip.”

Susan Turcot

“…experiences I will never forget. I really appreciate the depth and breadth with which you understand the soul of this land and its people.”

Michelle Laprise

“I feel so privileged to have seen parts of India through your eyes. You two just raised guiding to a new level. What Joy! Simply cannot wait to put on my India travel shoes again and, best of all, experience the wonders with you two at my side.”

Margrit Vogt

“Thank you so much for making the trip so wonderful for us. You took very good care of us, which we really appreciated. It was marvelous getting to open so many doors of perception in India. This is a trip we will never forget.”

Lucy Hart

“I'm still savoring my Timeless Cities, Temples and Tigers experience. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to India. Martin has a PhD in philosophy, and was a philosophy teacher until he fell under the spell of India. Carol is as knowledgeable as he. They know Indian religions and history inside out and backwards. Information was delivered with charm and humor in Martin's teaching style. A true delight. We were a small group and with the 2 Novals, it was like being personally guided through India. A truly memorable experience.”

Lisa Guthrie

“Your perspective on India is unique and is a reflection of your experiences living in this incredible country for so long.”

Jonny Kendall and Lisa Wade

“I am having the time of life talking about my adventure in the Himalayas. I just want to thank you for both for your wonderful leadership and great knowledge of the area, history, and culture, as well as your good hearts to accommodate a trekking novice like me. I have great memories to cherish and confidence about myself.”

Candice Yu Simon

“Thank you both for making this trek so memorable; your inspired insights and natural enthusiasm for everything Indian were joys to behold and to share.”

Gordon Hayes

“...wish I were back in India trekking. I enjoyed the trek so much.”

Jill Penaloza

“Through your knowledge and fascination we developed a better understanding and in some small way became a part of it.”

Marcus Wraight and Catrina McCallum

“I am still having dreams related to our marvelous trip. Your part of the world leaves lasting impressions.”

Marty Gold