Ladakh Himalayan Trek: Pang to Tso Moriri Lake

Nomads, Lakes and Wildlife of Changtang, Ladakh

with Carol and Martin Noval


“Thank you for yet another wonderful and fulfilling experience in India. As with every trip, this one continues to expand my personal and cultural horizons.”
Belinda J.

...a perfect and powerful trip. I feel very fortunate that I happened upon a tour being led by such knowledgeable, interesting ...and WELL ORGANIZED people - thanks again.
Jim T.

Jim in Tso Moriri Lake
Join us on a high-altitude trek in the lake region of the Changthang Plateau, in Ladakh, India’s “Little Tibet.” This is nomad country where hardy Changpa nomads live year round in encampments of yak wool tents with yak tail standards protecting them from evil spirits, and graze vast flocks of pashmina goats, sheep and herds of yak.

The area abounds in wildlife too: kiang (the wild horse of Tibet), mountain goats, marmots, giant hares; and a great variety of birds: bar-headed geese, brahminy ducks, gigantic bearded vultures, terns, accentors, redstarts, hoopoes, larks, ravens, choughs, snow pigeons, Tibetan snow cocks and the rare black-necked crane. And wildflowers, carpets of them.

Fly from Delhi to Leh in the Indus Valley in Tibetan Buddhist Ladakh. We'll spend four days acclimatizing in and around Leh, Ladakh's capital, an ancient stopping place on the silk and wool routes from India to Tibet, walking, touring ancient monasteries and rustic villages, before driving over the Taglang La Pass into the high mountains to our first camp in Pang. Well-acclimatized we begin our high-altitude trek into Changpa nomad country.

Along the trails we pass by beautiful stone “mani” walls, each stone carved with the words “Om Mane Padme Hum,” “The Jewel is in The Lotus,” the mantra of the Buddha of Compassion. For more than a thousand years, Tibetan Buddhist culture and religion have flourished in Ladakh and continue to do so today.

Tents, equipment and luggage are carried by pack horses. On the trail you need carry only a light daypack with a water bottle, packed snack and light wind shell.

Our crew sets up camp and prepare and serve delicious meals in our circular dining/lounging tent. We’ve been trekking with the same great mountain crew for years.

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“Thank you again for planning and hosting such an incredible trip. We really enjoyed getting to know you as well. We loved the trekking and hope that one day we can come back and hike with you again.”
Megan and Frank P.

"I just want to thank you for both for your wonderful leadership and great knowledge of the area, history, and culture. I have great memories to cherish."
Candice S.

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