In addition to being in India with all that that involves, these writings owe a great debt to my reading. Mentioned here (in no special order) are some of the writers who have influenced me: Heinrich Zimmer, Richard Lannoy, Madeleine Biardeau, Charles Malamoud, Ashish Nandy, Brian Smith, Ronald Inden, Thomas Coburn, Romila Thapar, Susan Huntington, Alain Danielou, Stella Kramrisch, Mircea Eliade, Roberto Calasso, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Diana Eck, Wendy Doniger, James Tod, A.L. Basham, Douglas Brooks, R.K. Narayan, G.M. Carstairs, Bernard Cohn, Matthew Kapstein, Richard King, David Snellgrove, Giuseppe Tucci, Louis Dumont, Prafulla Mohanty, Clifford Geertz, Frits Staal.