India's culture, philosophy and people have fascinated us for more than 30 years. We speak Hindi and are knowledgeable about most things Indian: history, Hinduism and Buddhism, myth, art and architecture, culture and customs, literature, traditional medicine and yoga, and wildlife (especially the birds).

We've explored the famous attractions and little-known wonders of this ancient but still-living culture, and lived among people from the many social, cultural and historical backgrounds that are the Indian nation.

We are veteran Himalayan trekkers and explorers and were some of the first foreigners to travel in remote tribal regions when they were first opened to the outside world. We’ve spent years exploring villages, monasteries and hiking trails, and have led many Himalayan cultural tours and treks in Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh, fascinating regions of the Indian Himalayas. In the summer months between tours and treks we live in a cottage in a remote village at the foot of the Great Himalayan Range.

Avid cyclists (bicycles are our transport in Goa where we can be found in the winter months between tours, playing host to the 50 species of birds that visit our garden), we have explored many areas of India extensively on long bicycle trips.

As two travelers wrote: "Delhi is not Delhi without Trips Into India." "I would recommend to anyone that they see India with you. You have the joie de vivre."
Martin has a PhD in philosophy and has taught at universities in the States and Canada. He first visited India in 1965 when still an undergraduate at NYU. That two-month trip led to his life-long study of philosophy. After completing his PhD in philosophy in 1973 he intended to travel around the world for a year before becoming a professor, but came to a full stop when he reached India and has been there ever since, except for a two-year break when he returned to the States and taught philosophy at colleges in Florida and Rochester, New York. He never did make it all the way around the world.

Carol has a BA in Education and was a New York City public school teacher. She left the States on a round-the-world trip in 1974 and got stuck on India too.