India Cultural Tours and Adventure Trips

with Carol and Martin Noval

India is the world’s last living ancient civilization. Traditional people today still live in a reality that is 3000 years old.

We’ve lived in India for more than 30 years. Martin – a former professor of philosophy – and Carol have a deep understanding of both Indian and Western culture, and communicate it in profound and meaningful ways.

We are a bridge between worlds, and our trips connect you powerfully with India’s pre-modern sensibility, its values, and its ways of life.

"The depth of experience will continue to resonate and shape my life."

Our trips are personal and informal, safe and comfortable; you hardly notice that the logistics work precisely and flawlessly. And we personally accompany and guide our trips. We hope you will join us on one of our “Trips Into India."


North India Tour

Rajasthan’s Citadels, Deserts, and Tribal People, with Varanasi and the Taj Mahal

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South India Tour

Tamil Nadu’s Temple Cities at Pongal Festival Time, Kerala’s Backwaters and Spice Country

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India Himalayan Tour

India Himalayan Tour

Ancient Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist Kingdoms of the Indian and Ladakh Himalayas

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Central India Tour

Ancient Wonders and Living Culture of Central India

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Indian Himalayan Trek

Ladakh Trek from Pang to Tso Moriri Lake

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